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Since you made it all the way here to Brenda Roberts Bio.. or maybe it is the first page you are reading?… I am flattered. I would hate to disappoint your expectations so I better write a little biography on how it all started 20+ years ago when I became a graphic designer.

Brenda Roberts Bio


I got my first feel of graphic design, helping my friend in a graphic studio while studying High School. I was given all kinds of basic tasks of preparing pictures for catalogues, separating objects from backgrounds and such. I have learned to work with a computer and it was only years later when I got very confused that I realised I have learned to do graphics on Mac. I have never liked Windows from then on.


I started with web design in early 2000 to start with something memorable in a new millennium. The internet was really WWW in those days.. . you could actually go to the page # 10.000 in your search results if you wanted! And that was my inspiration so I started with a web design. I have learned how to construct a website from scratch and started building my knowledge base. I had been employed in several graphic studios as a print designer or web designer since then.


In 2007 I have decided I need a better time and task management (a new Lifestyle Design) and I went private. In the following years I have widened my skills by digital painting, airbrushing, calligraphy and hand lettering.


Later in 2017 I gained even more expertise in photo retouching and photo restoration, working for an old fashioned photo-lab.


And in 2018 I got captured in the interior design. Creating and supervising complete interior design of a new company building from scratch.

My style is based on European art but I have worked for American clients as well. Currently I am relocated from Phoenix AZ back to Central Europe. But thanks to the internet I am accepting assignments from all over the world so feel free to contact me with your inquiries. I do speak English quite fluently besides Czech 🙂